Team Spartacus is a young and formidable group that started out in June 2016 by kindred spirits keen on keeping fit and are obsessed with obstacle course racing.

The historical figure Spartacus was a Greek gladiator and was one of the escaped slave leaders in a major uprising against the Roman Empire. This rebellion came to be a symbolism of the oppressed fighting for freedom against dictators. A little less dramatically, we at Team Spartacus believe that actions speak louder than words and we always look out for one another regardless of how strong or weak one may be.

As such, at Team Spartacus, we believe in family. We workout hard together, play hard together and most important of all, we eat really well together! All of us come from different cultures and backgrounds; and each one of us come to SuperFit to get fit for different reasons. Some of us had specific health concerns and wanted to improve our way of living, some were new to this little island and stumbled upon our little social group, some were already working out regularly elsewhere and wanted to up the fitness game. Regardless of our reason for joining the workouts, we quickly came to realise that we absolutely love working out together and since then we have grown into a close-knit family. There’s always loads of camaraderie, fun and laughter; not to mention emotional (and sometimes even physical!) support.

We are always game to try something new. Thanks to our members, we have had the opportunity to try rock-climbing, aerial arts as well as other obstacle course races, besides Spartan races, such as Red-X Games, Viper Challenge and Men’s Health Urbanathlon. It is our zest for adventure that keeps us going strong! Our physical and mental strength were certainly put to a challenge when we came together in true Spartan fashion to do 2017 burpees on December 31, 2016 to usher in the New Year. Some of us were insane enough to do all 2017 individually; and some completed it collectively in small groups of 3-4. Either way, it was definitely a memorable experience and a true testament to the Team Spartacus spirit!

Regardless of our individual motivation, one thing that defines Team Spartacus is how we are always there to support and motivate each other. Whether it is to complete that last burpee or crawl, or whether through any of life’s challenges, it is all for one and one for all. When we are rolling around and sweating together in full-on Spartan mode, the bond becomes unbreakable. We leave no one behind. Aroo!