With the Team Vision — Challenge Limits, each Endoxian challenge themselves in all aspect of their lives with Honor — including their fitness journey — both in their personal capacity as well and collectively as a cohesive tribe.

The tribe logo encapsulates these aspects whereby, the Kettle Bell represents the team’s core form of training when it was first established, the Spartan Mask, representing the values of a warrior & the wings adding the element of glory, exemplifying how each Endoxian aspires to be victorious over their individual limits.

The Endoxos journey began when 12 members of a gym specialising in Fat Loss, Kettle Bell Training and Functional Fitness, decided to sign up for the Spartan Race Singapore 2016. Initially having signed up for the Spartan Sprint, these members began to vary their training with the community training conducted by Spartan SGX and found their fitness levels grow exponentially. Subsequently, 8 members of the team decided to further challenge their limits by taking on the demanding Hurricane Heat 4 Hours (HH4) in the wee hours of the morning before the Spartan Sprint, which all of them also completed successfully.

It was during this journey in the forest of Tampines, the legion of the Endoxos Spirit, from its fire to the flame was reborn to fitness fame.

The Endoxos tribe has now grown to a strength of 40 and counting. The tribe comprise of individuals from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, ethnicity & fitness levels. An EXCO formed by the pioneer members has also been established, ensuring that all aspects of the team is well managed.

Endoxos has gone on to take part in various other races and continue to train on a regular basis. Besides this, the tribe stays eager to have fun spreading the message of ‘Active Living’ and grow further whilst exploring avenues to contribute back to the community and is in the midst of developing an outreach program for special needs kids.