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It all started when a group of former Special Forces soldiers in Singapore wanted to find a way to maintain their fitness levels whilst preserving their specialist combat skills. As highly trained elite soldiers who have already experienced the world’s toughest training, nothing but the most demanding and rigorous training regimen would suffice. We then sought to be – and became – the first in the world to be fully trained and certified in all Spartan events, including the Spartan Races, Spartan Training, Spartan Obstacles Specialist Course, Hurricane Heat and even the Winter Agoge. Our coaches are a special breed of individuals and all passionately believe in giving everything they’ve got in all that they do. We have as our coaches national and podium athletes, ultra-marathoners and multiple- time Ironman Finishers. We want only the best as our coaches – each of them have to undergo a rigorous rite of passage that test that endurance, fitness and resilience; only to emerge as world-class coaches who know how to push because they’ve been pushed beyond their limits before.

Why train with us

Simply put – because we’re the best, that’s why! Top quality coaches, world-class training and access to an all-inclusive community of fun-loving, fitness-obsessed enthusiasts. It is not easy to stick to a workout routine and if you work out alone, it is difficult to maintain sufficient discipline to keep on going. Working out with us, our coaches and trainees will spur you on and you’ll never lose interest. There is a reason why our trainees keep coming back for more, even though they may moan and groan during the training sessions. That big reason is – PROGRESS. Where else can you actually see real progress in your fitness levels while having rip-roaring fun at the same time? Come join us for a session or two, and you’ll experience it for yourself. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Furthermore, with an easy-to-use app, you’ll be able to book your training sessions with us anytime, anywhere. If you’ve signed up for a racing event, you’ll need to get ready for it. An old saying goes “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Over at superfit, we train hard so that we can race easy. So bring along your group of friends and join our community of fitness enthusiasts!

Superfit is also proud to be associated with the following accolades:

Certified Private Operator
International Race Director—Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Japan
Hurricane Heat/Agoge Krypteia
Certified Private Operator
Master Instructor
Spartan Obstacle Specialist

Superfit achievements

Biggest Team
Biggest Team